Zz’Rot Portal Disabled until Patch 6.4: Here’s Why

Due to a massive bug, Zz’Rot Portal is disabled until the next patch.


Ever since Zz’Rot Potal was released in season 5, the item has always been something of an oddity. It’s was rarely used, and whenever it was used, it was more of a fun item to mess around with – but not to use seriously. However, since the start of season 6, the item has spiked in popularity due to the discovery of how great it is on tanks that want to split push.

Due to the new overwhelming use of Zz’Rot Portal, players have found it to have a game-breaking bug.

When the portal is placed near krugs (especially on the blue side of the map), the large krug will often be unable to displace the portal. This causes the portal to bug in a massive way. The voidlings that come out of the portal will spawn as normal occasionally, but most of the time they spawn invisible and invincible. The voidlings then continue to block minions and champions in lane to the point of massive frame rate drops and the inability to move. This allows minions to build up in a massive wave that will eventually push to end the game – and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Because of all this, Riot has disabled the Zz’Rot Portal completely from the game until the next patch (6.4). They were able to do this fairly quickly after the bug went viral, so it’s good that not many people were able to abuse this in actual ranked games that matter (and for those of you that did….come on).

This is not unlike the release of Heimerdinger, as he was able to build up unstoppable waves by blocking the minions with his turrets and then releasing them upon the enemy base. However, a big difference with that bug and the newest one was that the minions were able to be killed and would not continue to build up after Heimerdinger moved his turrets.

It’s unfortunate that such a good item had to have this game-breaking of a bug right as it was becoming popular. Hopefully everything is back to normal in patch 6.4 so people can go back to using it in peace (who am I kidding, it’s built to annoy the hell out of the enemy).