Weldon Green Becomes Head Coach of Ember

Weldon Green has been praised by everyone who has seen his work, and now he is getting a head coaching opportunity.

Weldon Green’s work has recently been made available for the public to see thanks to his contributions to TSM as their own eSports psychologist.

Green was brought into the TSM house a few weeks ago to work with the team, and his practices looked to be doing wonders for everyone that was involved with him. Thanks to the YouTube series that TSM does, we were able to see what exactly Green was doing and how he approached the players. Green was able to slow things down for the TSM squad and got everyone focusing on the most important things. When he was around, it was always a zen atmosphere with no friction at all.

Because of how great Green came across on video, he quickly became a fan favorite and many TSM fans were hoping he would be permanently involved with the team. This hope especially grew traction once TSM fired their former head coach KC Woods about a week ago.

It made even more sense since TSM’s head coach needed to be a leader of men and not deal with any in-game issues – that’s exactly what Weldon was doing.

Well, for whatever reason, TSM weren’t able to snag him up, but someone else did: Ember.

Ember is one of six teams in the North American challenger series, and they are currently one-point out from the top spot in the league.

The announcement came from their CEO yesterday when he was going over the team updates.

Green was asked on Twitter if he would moving to the team and said:

It’s nice that Green will be able to balance it out like that, but the most interesting part about that tweet is the last sentence. It’s not an exclusive position? Does this mean that he will still be able to work with other teams like he has been doing with TSM? If so, that seems a bit odd for another team’s head coach, but maybe this is just the best deal for Green.

It will be interesting to see what role Green has with the team. Obviously he will continue doing what he has done with every team he has worked with, but will he start doing more in-game things as well?

In the end, this is a pretty great move for Green and the NA LCS in general. Green is a wonderful mind to have around, and it would be nice to see more people like him.