MonteCristo rants about lane swaps

MonteCristo is a staple of the League of Legends competitive community, and people love to hear his take on the game.


OnGameNet caster for League of Legends Champions Korea, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, is a polarizing figure in our community. There are some people that give him a hard time for failing as a head coach in North America or for him being Korea’s white knight, but there are more people that realize he is incredibly knowledgeable of the game and take his word to heart.

For the people that respect his opinion, he recently went on a Twitter rant about lane swaps and spoke a lot of truth.

MonteCristo is making fantastic points here. If you asked most people what is wrong with competitive League right now, the vast majority would say lane swaps. However, simply saying lane swaps is a lazy way of taking on the problem and most of us have been doing that. MonteCristo is taking a deeper approach. You think lane swaps are the problem? Well, what specifically bothers you about lane swaps?

The fact of the matter is that lane swaps aren’t bad and shouldn’t bother anyone. They have been a factor in the competitive scene for years now. This isn’t something new. What is new is towers being extremely weak and Dragon not meaning anything in the early-game, and those are essentially the problems coming from lane swaps.

A lane swap is a strategical tactic that on its own isn’t bad for the game, but it’s bad for the game when a lane swap turns into teams taking down two towers and farming for the first twenty minutes of the game with no intention of fighting for objectives.

Riot could fix this problem by doing a few things, and hopefully they take notice and make something happen. Some of the things they could do is make neutral objectives worth fighting for. Make the Dragon give gold again so it’s actually a big deal in the early-game. Make the Rift Herald not suck as much as it does now. Another thing that would make this process more bearable is simply making towers stronger. Right now they feel like paper that anyone can shred through, and that isn’t good.

This is an issue that has been voiced since the beginning of the season and the complaints are only getting louder. It has to be only a matter of time until something is implemented for the good of the game.