10 most overpowered champions in URF

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4.) Ekko

Since URF hasn’t been around for over a year, there have been a handful of new/reworked champions that will be seeing the game mode for the first time ever. Because of that, URF was available on the Public Beta Environment recently to test out these champions.

Some of them were really strong, but Ekko was definitely the most overpowered out of them. And we’re not talking about boring Tankko, but actual ability power Ekko that wants to do damage and have fun.

His Q is a great ability to spam, and he will actually reach a point in the game where he will be able to send out another Q before his previous one has even returned to him. Ekko’s W is also really strong in URF since he can constantly have it up to shield himself and stun other players.

Spamming those abilities is nice, but his mobility and sustain in URF are what’s really strong. Ekko can jump around Summoner’s Rift as much as he wants due to his E, and his Ultimate is up so often that he can always take himself out of sticky situations.

The combination of his burst and mobility make him hell to play against in URF.

3.) Hecarim

Hecarim has always been stupid good in URF, and that isn’t changing this year.

The biggest problem the horse has in normal League of Legends games are his mana issues. But guess what? Mana issues don’t exists in URF. It’s Hecarim’s dream world.

He has been labeled as “The Helicopter” in URF, and that’s because of how much he can spam his Q. The ability has nearly no cooldown in URF and allows Hecarim players to, literally, always have it going – it looks like a helicopter blade. The only downside to this is that it must damage the hand of whoever is pressing Q that much.

Besides his Q, Hecarim will always be able to reach high speeds in URF which allow him to become really strong. The combination of these two things make him an amazing duelist that can run wild on the Rift.

The early-game is usually pretty rough for him since he’ll often be going up against a lot of poke-heavy champions, but he shines when the game opens up a bit.

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