2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 8 of the Summer Split

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4. Team Liquid 

Some people might try to deny this, but it seems like we already know exactly what Liquid is and how high their ceiling can be.

Can they prevent the fourth-place meme from happening? Of course. However, if they do, the best they will finish is third.

They are a good team that can beat up on inferior competition, but whenever they play a top team like TSM or Immortals, it’s clear that their macro game and overall map play is simply not where it needs to be in order for them to be an elite team.

It’s been like this for the longest time, so there’s no reason to expect that it will magically change anytime soon.

3. Cloud9

Unlike Liquid, there is still reason to have faith in Cloud9 as their ceiling appears to be much higher.

They’ve been in a slump for way too long now, but things have to change one of these weeks — right?

Fortunately, their schedule is perfect for where they currently are as it is very easy and will give them an opportunity to find their groove again. Their next three series are against Team Envy, Phoenix1 and Echo Fox. That should result in three easy wins for Cloud9.

They end the regular season with a big showdown against Liquid, and that series could determine who gets the third spot in the standings.

Teams will be scared if they are able to hit their stride as playoffs come around.

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