50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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34. Vi

If there ever was a champion to embody broken, it was release Vi. She could lock onto any target and basically one-shot them, which was of course quickly nerfed. Her release did usher in something important, however, and that was a reliable counter to the endless mobility of certain champions such as Vayne, Zed and Ahri.

Vi provided teams with a way to lock down a super fed target, something that may have contributed to the decline of the solo carry. As more champions and tools were released that can hold a priority target in place, less people were able to win games solely on their own.

Vi embraces the team concept of League of Legends by nullifying the threat of one individual on the enemy team. A well coordinated gank with a Vi ultimate should nearly always net a kill, and that makes her fun to both watch and play. She has strong mobility, great CC and interesting visual design. Unfortunately, she has a throwaway ability in the percent damage every third hit, that many champions already have, but the rest of her kid was a step in the right direction, giving teams tools to combat certain strategies.

She also signified the point where junglers began to have a bit of a larger role in the game. She was a jungle carry, where most of the time before that, junglers were meant to build and play a supportive role.

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