50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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16. Riven

Finally, back to another somewhat controversial pick for the list, Riven lands at number 16. Many of you probably distaste playing against Riven, and for many viable reasons. She has seemingly endless mobility and an arguably overloaded kit. She does also, however, have some of the highest level of outplay potential and skill to master. It is particularly this type of champion that makes League a better game overall. Putting characters into the game that take a long time to master and reach their full potential is what lets the great players rise above the good.

Even if she is frustrating to deal with, you have to give credit where it is deserved. Without her, we would not have been able to see Box Box, a famous streamer, reach Platinum playing League on a PlayStation controller.

This is exactly the kind of unique gameplay that makes League a great game, and it’s worth the frustration. Animation canceling is something that many players, even in high elo, struggle with. Most mechanics in League of Legends are actually not extraordinarily difficult to complete. Rather, it’s the constant need to perform such mechanics without any mistakes that make it difficult, and Riven, who constantly needs to be spamming abilities, is the epitome of such a requirement. Good luck on engaging in trades and teamfighting perfectly on a champion that has five different ways to execute a play, all of which require the use of essentially seven abilities.

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