Faker playing URF is one of the funnest games ever

In honor of the Worlds 2016 MVP, we present: Faker playing URF!

SK Telecom T1’s iconic mid laner, Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok, has it all. 3 Summoner’s Cups. Titles from every major international tournament. Universal acclaim as the best player on the planet. The best in the history of League, in fact, with a strong case for the Mount Rushmore of Esports with names like BoxeR, sAviOr, and Flash. New challengers have come and gone, including a couple members of Samsung White’s Season 4 Worlds-winning team and this season’s incarnation of Smeb. But as we saw last weekend, Faker is still on top.

That’s a pretty nifty list of achievements. But the Faker that we watch makes absolutely bonkers plays – plays that make you swear he’s scripting – is limited. It’s true. He’s limited by his cooldowns. His itemization. His mana pool.

That begs the question: what could Faker do if he was completely unshackled?

Well somebody in Korea found this:

This guy really has it all, doesn’t he?

Unleashed Power


cass original

Add a ridiculous URF version of Cassiopeia to Faker’s trophy bag. The man is a monster.

That game is what URF is all about. No mana costs. Tiny cooldowns. He goes absolutely ham on Cassiopeia, who already has a ridiculously low CD on her primary damaging ability. And in the jungle, too. Makes you wonder if Faker could be world-class at that position as well.

Sure, they lost and Faker wasn’t completely clean – that’s nigh impossible in URF. But this is why we needed URF to begin with. To see Faker do Faker things at 2x Faker speed.

Things Faker Does

One of my favorite moments came at 11:40 in the video where he went 1v2 with a limited health bar and under the enemy’s tier 2 turret. That spell vamp! Of course, Kha’zix jumped on him to ruin the party, but the insane outplay with Flash was tremendous.

The other thing that I loved was Faker’s intelligence in playing the map. A lot of the times, URF just turns into a 30-minute bloodbath. Fights are what URF is for, but winning is still important. You don’t become a 3-time World Champion without caring about victories.

It was fun to see Faker continually pushing the side lanes and even leaving his team to control the map. Winning fights doesn’t win games – winning objectives does. By playing the map in such an advanced manner, Faker showed how to control the waves to take objectives after fights. After playing in NA solo queue for a month, Faker believed that NA players were just as skilled as Koreans mechanically. It’s in the strategic aspect of the game where they fall short. This is just a fun game mode, but we can still learn form his strategic focus.

Of course, you also have to bring up some of Faker’s overreaches, like his Dragon execute. But that’s what makes it fun, right?

What should Faker play next?

Watching that video got me thinking. What if Faker got Zed? OMG – death marks and shadows flying everywhere. Or how about Ryze, another champion who can just obliterate with a whole pile of abilities? I would love to see him on Ezreal, dancing around the enemy time and spamming Qs and autos till everyone’s blue in the face (pun intended).

Which champion do you want to see Faker play?