Remembering Dignitas: Top 5 Dignitas Moments

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Number 5: Scarra Goes Off On AP Yi

It feels wrong to start a list of Dignitas highlights anywhere else than with William “Scarra” Li. An original member from the team’s origin as Team Rock Solid back in the League of Legends competitive stone ages, Scarra was Dignitas’ star player and go-to “front man” through their early days in the LCS.  After finishing 3rd in the very first LCS Split regular season standings, Dignitas had fallen to the middle of the pack by Summer. In Week 3 of the 2013 Summer Split, Scarra made a statement that Dignitas was still a contender by going off in a big way on full-AP Master Yi, crushing the perennial NA favorites TSM to the tune of a 19-3-3 KDA. Yi became a must-ban against Dignitas for the remainder of the split, even after Riot significantly reworked the champion in response to the AP build Scarra helped popularize. Scarra’s affinity for “getting the reset” led to this iconic Dignitas moment.

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