Remembering Dignitas: Top 5 Dignitas Moments

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Number 2: Imaqtpie Becomes a Living Meme… And Plays Some Pretty Good League of Legends

Ever based and blessed, before Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana was bringing in tens of thousands of Twitch viewers while streaming directly opposite LCS broadcasts, he was wowing those same LCS viewers as the flashy, trollicious AD carry for Dignitas. This might seem like a cop-out “moment,” but launching the career of probably the most popular League of Legends streamer of all time is no joke. It’s easy to forget just how good Qtpie was as a competitive player. A number of his highlight plays could have justifiably made it onto this list, as “the pie” routinely made big, aggressive plays on signature champions like Ezreal and Corki.

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