5 biggest changes from patch 6.8

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5.) Master Yi changes

Master Yi has been one of the hottest topics of conversation over the last few patches.

A build that let him be very tanky while still doing massive amounts of damage became extremely popular for awhile, and it basically killed anyone who wanted to play Yi.

He became one of the most banned champions in the game, and everyone knew nerfs were on the horizon because that’s the route Riot likes to take usually. Even if a champion is found to be broken because of certain items, Riot will take us down the lovely path of nerfing the champion (hell, even nerfing the champion two or three times) before nerfing the items.

That path started for Yi during the last patch when he received some nerfs to stop his tanky build, and here he is with more nerfs.

The nerfs are both to his ultimate ability. First, its cooldown has been increased to 85 seconds from 75 seconds. Next, the duration of it has been decreased from 10 seconds to seven seconds. These might not seem like that big of a deal, but believe it, they are. Riot has taken a lot of the flexibility Yi’s ultimate gave him, and Yi players will have to use it a lot differently in many occasions now.

However, they did throw one little buff his way. The extension on his ultimate when he gets a kill or an assist has been increased from four seconds to seven seconds. This might turn into a really nice buff, because if a Yi can get going, he can really get going – and this is going to make those Yi rampages last even longer. It’s not smart to count this as a big buff, though, because it puts all the pressure on Yi to get a lot of kills or assists to make up for the nerfs his ultimate recieved, and that’s just not practical.

This should be the last time we see Yi in the patch notes for a long time (hopefully).

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