5 biggest changes from patch 6.8

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3.) Olaf buffs

You either love Olaf or you hate him. There is no common ground. When you have one on your team, you will laugh hysterically when he is chasing down crying carries, but then you’ll want to rip your hair out when you’re the squishy carry who is being mowed down.

Olaf hasn’t necessarily hit Rumble territory when it comes to irrelevant champions, but he’s definitely been struggling for a long time. Riot has taken notice and is finally throwing some bones his way.

The lifesteal from his W is being increased from nine/12/15/18/21 percent to 14/16/18/20/22 percent, and the passive armor and magic resistance from his ultimate is being increased from 10/20/30 to 20/30/40.

The increased tankiness is nice and will help him, but the lifesteal should turn out to be a really strong buff. Top lane Olaf has been weak for a long time now, but the lifesteal combo of his W and something like Warlord’s Bloodlust should help him out a lot. This will give him amazing sustain in lane and will allow him to bully people around some more.

Olaf probably still won’t be played that much since he doesn’t quite fit the top lane meta (only tanks are allowed into this club), but make no doubt about it, these are good buffs for him.

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