5 biggest changes from patch 6.8

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2.) Ekko changes 

The most annoying thing over the last patch was Ekko, or shall we say, Tankko.

The boy who shattered having fun in League of Legends had the highest win rate in the entire game over the last patch at 57.72 percent. But get this, he was played 13.52 percent of the time and banned in 45.98 percent of games. That’s right. In nearly half the games, people were like: “Yeah, ban Ekko or GG.”

Ekko as a champion is fine, but the reason he became so overpowered is because people realized how broken he was when you mindlessly played him as a tank. Riot realized this and have nerfed him as a tank while also making him stronger as a mage. Those are the types of changes we should all encourage.

The base damage from both his W and E are down, but their ability power scaling has been increased. These changes should be enough to make tank Ekko not as toxic as it currently is, but there are some other changes that will help that case as well.

Two of the core characteristics of tank Ekko is Iceborn Gauntlet and Grasp of the Undying, and both of those received nerfs this patch, too. They aren’t that big of nerfs, but when you tie everything together, it makes tank Ekko take a big hit.

We don’t want to stop seeing Ekko in games, we just want to see him played as a mage.

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