10 most overpowered champions in URF

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10.) Teemo

This little critter has always been one of the most hated champions in all of League of Legends, and the hate for him grows tremendously when URF comes around.

Oh, are you losing your mind over the few mushrooms he put out in your ranked game? Try not losing your mind when they are literally everywhere. You will constantly see your health bar going down and down, meanwhile, you’re slow as hell and easy for anyone to clean up.

Teemo’s mushrooms definitely get the most attention in URF, and rightfully so, but there’s one other thing players need to be worried about: the blind from his Q. The easy way to take care of Teemo is to jump right on him since you should be able to easily kill him, but his blind will be up so much in URF that even that will be incredibly difficult. Not only is the blind awful to deal with, but the damage it can do is pretty crazy.

Teemo might not have the most amount of kills in a game of URF, but he will always be one of the most annoying champions to play against.

9.) Shaco

Much like Teemo, Shaco is an extreme annoyance in URF.

Most Shaco’s that people play against in regular games are focused on being assassins that stab you in the back to death, but that’s not what you’ll see over the next few days. The Shaco’s in URF go full ability power and try to drive you as crazy as they are by using their boxes.

Simply put, if you think a Shaco is trying to bait you into going to a specific location, it’s because he is. For the love of everything, try your hardest not to fall for his trap. Shaco wants to lead you to his lovely home that has a million boxes set out for you to find. Once you do find them, you will be feared (so you can’t do anything) and most likely killed.

Staying away from his trap of boxes seems like such a simple thing to do, but it never is. Shaco players are sick people who will do whatever it takes to see you lose your mind.

You should probably just ban him.

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