10 most overpowered champions in URF

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8.) Sona

This list isn’t in any particular order, but Sona is widely considered to be the most busted champion in all of URF. In fact, she actually had the highest win rate in URF last year at 69.03 percent, and that’s while being played a whopping 27.04 percent of the time (she’s probably banned at all other times).

Sona is so good because she was practically made for URF. She can continually give out great heals all while spamming abilities that can’t miss and do massive amounts of damage. The pet in your house could load up a game of URF as Sona and still do really well because there’s really nothing to playing her – it’s brainless.

Because of this, she is banned in nearly every single game. So if she is left open for a game and you think you could live with the decision, go ahead and try her out for once – but please – never play her again.

7.) Ezreal

Ezreal is by far one of the most fun and powerful champions in all of URF. He can constantly spam high-damage abilities similar to Sona, but his are all skillshots which makes things more fair.

The Ezreal’s in URF won’t be the basic attack damage carry form of the champion that we see in normal games. Instead, you will see full ability power Ezreal’s who are all about poking you down with a couple of spells.

Ezreal spamming his Q and W can be dealt with, but his ultimate is what really separates him from other URF champions. When playing like a mage, Ezreal’s ultimate does a massive amount of damage and is constantly available for him to use. He will be ulting so often that it will be extremely difficult to see coming or dodge, and he will be able to nearly one-shot enemy squishies with only his ult.

The fact that everything he does is a skillshot makes playing against him not always awful, but things can get rough when you face off against that one person who is landing everything.

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