10 most overpowered champions in URF

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6.) Fizz

Some people think playing against Vladimir is rough because he can become untargetable, and while that’s true, Vladimir doesn’t (usually) have a huge threat of killing you or you entire team.

Do you know who can kill your whole team while being untargetable all the time? Yep, Fizz.

Fizz is, without a doubt, one of the most overpowered champions in URF. He is already a strong champion in the traditional sense, and a big reason to that is because of his E that allows him to become untargetable. You can play against that in a fair way in normal games since it has a decent cooldown, but cooldowns aren’t really a thing in URF.

In URF, Fizz can constantly spam his E, and it makes him a nightmare to play against. If he is about to get hit by a high-damage spell or some form of crowd control, Fizz can simply press E and act like nothing ever happened.

Dodging abilities 24/7 alone is awful, but Fizz is also one of the highest burst champions in the game. He can dance around your entire team by avoiding everything you throw his way, and then he will blow you up the very next second.

Playing against Fizz in URF gives quite the headache, and it’s difficult to outduel him with any champion. 

5.) Blitzcrank 

Since Blitzcrank is a support and rarely every brings anything to the table offensively, people are usually surprised the first couple of times they run into him in URF.

In URF, Blitzcrank is a glorious full ability power machine that can blast you down with the click of two buttons. His ultimate already has a crazy low cooldown in normal games, and it only gets more crazy in URF. His ultimate normally isn’t a big deal since he isn’t building to kill you, but it actually scales with ability power insanely well and creates one of the most powerful abilities in URF.

Besides the fact that he can destroy you with his ultimate, his other abilities also work amazingly in URF. He can constantly throw out hooks to catch people out, and he can also spam his W so that his speed never goes down.

Blitzcrank seems to go under the radar in URF for some reason, but make no doubt about it, he is one of the most overpowered champions in the game mode.

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