2016 MSI player rankings by position

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No, you’re not crazy, that is the Mid-Season Invitational that you’re smelling. It has seemed so far away, but the time has finally come for the biggest tournament of the year that isn’t World’s.

Last year was the inaugural MSI, and it did not disappoint at all with China taking down Korea in a fantastic five-game championship series.

The 2016 MSI doesn’t look like it will disappoint, either. Just like last year, the tournament will consist of six of the best teams in the world: SK Telecom 1 (SKT) from the League Champions Korea, Royal Never Give Up (RNG) from the League Pro League , G2 Esports (G2) from the Europe League Championship Series, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) from the North America League Championship Series, Flash Wolves (FW) from the League Masters Series and SuperMassive eSports (SUP) from the International Wildcard Invitational.

There is an insane amount of talent coming from all of these teams, and it makes for quite an impressive list of players. Because of that, ranking them seemed like a fun thing to do. However, it wouldn’t be fair to rank them all individually, and they are ranked within their specific position so the comparisons make more sense.

To no surprise, a lot of SKT players are at the very top, and a lot of SUP players are at the bottom.

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