10 biggest changes from patch 6.9

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Patch 6.9 is live today, and it’s the mid-season update that everyone has been looking forward to. The patch notes for it were released yesterday, and they take a long time to go over. This was supposed to be a mid-season update that doesn’t drastically change the game, but it almost feels like a preseason update for a new season – and we recently had to go though that.

A large group of champions from a specific class have been updated. Ability power (AP) items have received a huge update, and a lot of other items have been changed as well. On top of that, there’s an entirely new Dragon system and the jungle in general will be very different.

This is one of those updates that will overwhelm most people, and it’s totally understandable if you want to take a break from the game for a bit to see what happens. It sounds crazy, but this update might completely change the meta we have been living in, and it will be a little bit until the world figures everything out. Until the meta is figured out, League of Legends will consist of everyone trying to figure out what works best now.

Go over the patch notes yourself, but these are the 10 biggest things that you’ll definitely want to know.

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