10 biggest changes from patch 6.9

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1.) Mage update: Cassiopeia and Malzahar 

The mage update was always going to be the biggest change from this patch, but there’s two champions in particular that stand out the most: Cassiopeia and Malzahar. A total of 16 mages received some form of update, but these two champions are the ones that will be the most different.

Cassiopeia’s new passive is that she cannot purchase boots because she gains four movement speed per level. That is easily one of the coolest abilities in all of League. This means that she will have 72 movement speed from her passive at level 18. To put that in perspective, Boots of Swiftness give 60 movement speed. When games go super late-game, this will allow Cassiopeia to have a full item over everyone else.

Her new W will also be extremely strong as it prevents enemies from using movement abilities.

Malzahar has always had a pet Voidling, but that aspect of his game has been made even more important in this update. Instead of having one Voidling from his passive, he can now have multiple little pets because of his new W.

This ability spawns a Voidling, but more of them can spawn when Malzahar’s creature attacks a champion, assists in a kill, attacks a large monster or attacks an epic monster. This gives Malzahar a nice army of Voidlings that make him a viable option in the jungle.

2.) AP itemization: Strong Hextech items

The other big thing from this patch was the change in AP items, but the Hextech items will be the biggest difference from all the item changes.

Hextech Revolver and Gunblade are nothing new, but they each got beefed up a bit. Revolver now has a passive that damages an enemy for 75-150 (at level 1-18) bonus magic damage whenever you hit them with a basic attack. Gunblade has a new active that instantly deals 250 magic damage to a target champion and slows them for 40 percent for two seconds.

There are also two new Hextech items: the GLP-800 and Protobelt-01. The active from the GLP-800 fires a spray of icy bolts that deal 100-200 magic damage (at levels 1-18), and enemies hit with it are slowed by 65 percent that decays over 0.5 seconds.

All the new Hextech effects have a 40 second cooldown that is shared with all other Hextech items.

These are going to be really powerful.

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