10 biggest changes from patch 6.9

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7.) Turrets

Riot has finally decided to do something after making us deal with paper turrets this season. They are changing the reward system for taking down turrets, but the most important thing is their strength.

The first step towards making that happen is having turrets do more damage. Turret damage is now increased by 40 percent for the first three shots, and its damage no longer resets when it switches targets. Finally, the max damage from turrets has been changed to 220 percent over three shots.

The base health of turrets has been decreased from 4,000 to 3,300, but they now have 40 base armor and magic resistance. In addition, turrets are now subject to armor and magic penetration. Finally, turrets now longer grant 200 armor and magic resistance, but they reduce 66.66 percent of physical and magic damage instead.

These changes should give everyone what they’ve been asking for. It’s crazy that we’ve had to play this long into the season with weak turrets.

8.) Death timers

The other brutal thing about this season has been death timers. Two patches ago, Riot shortened death timers in the 30-55 minute frame, and now they are doing the same in the 20-35 minute window.

This is another thing that went on way too long this season, but it’s nice to see that something was finally done. Riot didn’t give us any specifics on the new death timers, so it’s something you’ll have to pay attention to when you play.

This should be the end of teams winning the game solely from an ace at around 30 minutes.

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