10 biggest changes from patch 6.9

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9.) Devourer

Devourer was one of the more unhealthy aspects to the game this season, and Riot has given up on trying to balance it by simply removing it from the game.

To replace it, Riot has added Bloodrazor. It will give the same amount of attack speed as Devourer, but the items have two totally different effects. Bloodrazor’s passive is that basic attacks deal three percent of the target’s maximum health as bonus physical damage (maximum 75 damage vs. minions and monsters).

This sounds like it will be a good item against tanks, but champions like Kindred and Master Yi are going to feel really weak when using it against carries that have less than 2,000 health.

However, everyone can agree that Devourer had to go, and this is a step in the right direction. If it is decided that Bloodrazor is too weak, Riot can always give it a buff in a following patch.

10.) QSS

One of the more odd changes from this patch was the one to Quicksilver Sash (QSS). The item has always been the go-to for people going against champions like Zed, Trundle or Fiora, but those days are now in the past.

QSS has been changed so that it only removes crowd control instead of all negative debuffs.

We’ll have to pay close attention to games that have one of the champions above in it, because it sounds like things could get pretty ugly. It doesn’t make any sense to remove the counter to something like Zed’s ultimate, because now he will be able to one-shot carries like it is nothing.

Hopefully, Riot has something up their sleeve to counter this decision, because it doesn’t look like a good one.

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