2016 MSI: Top 15 plays from the group stage

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12.) Trick snipes Dumbledoge.

Kang-yoon “Trick” Kim and the rest of G2 came into MSI with extremely high expectations and completely crapped the bed. The backlash they were receiving probably made it more difficult to perform, but the team still had some exciting moments here and there.

Trick has been a great carry jungler this season, and that means that he will usually do whatever it takes to get a kill. In this play, Trick sees the opportunity for a kill and gives his flash and life for it, but it was probably all worth for him. It was an exciting snipe on the great Mustafa “Dumbledoge” Kemal Gokseloglu.

11.) Achuu wrecks Stixxay one-on-one.

Speaking of Dumbledoge, SUP made quite the impression at MSI. They were more competitive than people had expected and actually had some strong individual players, including Nicolaj “Achuu” Ellesgaard.

The attack damage carry (ADC) had a really good showing at the event and proved to be a very strong laner and player overall. Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes has been getting praised as the best ADC at MSI so far, but it looks like even he couldn’t handle Achuu in a straight one-on-one. It was a fantastic example of a player knowing exactly what his limits are. Stixxay never stood a chance.

10.) Naru crushes PerkZ

More love for SUP – yay!

PerkZ came into MSI with a lot of people thinking he was one of the best mid laners in the West, but unfortunately, he had an awful tournament.

In this play, PerkZ thinks he has won a trade with Koray “Naru” Bicak, but the SUP player surprised everyone by going all in with his flash to destroy the G2 mid laner.

There were a lot of nice LeBlanc plays over the group stage period, but this was definitely one of the better ones.

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