2016 MSI: Top 15 plays from the group stage

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6.) CLG deny 5th drag and win a huge fight.

CLG’s comeback against RNG was absolutely ridiculous, and it never could have happened without this play. If RNG was able to secure their fifth Dragon, the game probably would have ended soon after.

Jake “Xmithie” Puchero jumped over the wall and used Kindred’s ultimate to perfection in order to stop RNG from slaying the Dragon. The play totally shook up RNG and allowed CLG to destroy them in the fight at Dragon.

Like most things for CLG, it was a wonderful team play.

5.) Stixxay and Aphromoo turn around a bad situation.

Aphromoo and Stixxay do a lot of great things together, and this was one of the most impressive plays the duo has ever done.

Aphromoo gets ganked and looks like an easy kill with three people on top of him, but the amazing usage of Thresh’s Flay and Stixxay’s heal allowed Aphromoo to escape.

Getting away would have been impressive enough, but Hsiung “NL” Wen-An makes matters worse by tilting himself into oblivion. Once it looks like Aphromoo has gotten away, NL flashes for the kill only to have Aphromoo hook him into the tower for an easy first blood.

It was amazing.

4.) Faker’s great escape.

Faker has had a rough MSI so far, but this clutch escape against RNG was incredibly impressive.

Faker has to retreat from RNG’s base while having three players chasing him, and one of those players used teleport just for the occasion. Instead of doing something common like hiding in a bush, Faker is able to hide in the wolf camp and uses his sweeper to ensure that there are no wards on him.

He was able to get away safely and it was a huge play in what was the most exciting game of the entire event.

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