2016 MSI: Top 15 plays from the group stage

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3.) NL snipes Faker from afar.

It was just stated above, but again, MSI has been rough for Faker.

Against FW, Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang nearly takes down Faker one-on-one, but the SKT mid laner was able to flash away to safety – or so he thought. Faker didn’t respect the fact that FW had an Ezreal, and NL was able to get the beautiful snipe on Faker from long distance.

The reactions from both Maple and Faker make this play really great.

2.) Stomaged Baron steal.

There were three Baron steals on the opening day of MSI, but this one was definitely the best of them all.

SKT saw the other Baron steals and tried desperately to zone Furkan “Stomaged” Gungor away from the objective, but they weren’t successful in their attempt.

At the last possible second, Stomaged uses Gragas’ Body Slam-flash combo to perfection to smite away the Baron.

It didn’t result in anything for SUP in that game as they still got crushed, but it was an amazing play nonetheless.

1. CLG complete the comeback.

CLG kept hanging on and kept coming back, but no one thought they were going to actually win. Even when they stopped RNG from getting fifth Dragon and won that team fight, people still expected to RNG to finish the game eventually.

That’s what makes this team fight the best play from MSI so far. The first game between CLG and RNG ended in a game-winning team fight from RNG in the clutch, and CLG returned the favor this time around.

It didn’t matter that they were down thousands of gold when the fight happened because it was late-game and whoever won the fight was going to win the game. Like they have done time and time again all season long, CLG put together a great team fight to kill every member of RNG while not losing a single one of their own to end the game.

Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler losing his mind really brings this play together.

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