5 Things To Know About New Champion Taliyah

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Get Caught Up With Everything There is to Know About the New Champion Taliyah

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Few things in League of Legends are more exciting than a new champion. Taliyah has been causing hype tremors since she was first teased last month in a short story on Riot’s website. We’ve been digging in to find out all we can about Taliyah.

Taliyah’s skills have been revealed, but how will she function in game? We know Taliyah is from Shurima and is scrambling to get back home after some ill-fated adventuring with the Noxian military, but what might be next? What is so controversial about Taliyah’s appearance, and why is she ruffling feathers in the League community? Who designed Taliyah, and what can we guess about how she’ll perform after release? Who is behind Taliyah’s voice and thematic music? We’ve got answers!

Read on to learn more about Taliyah’s space-controlling gameplay, her compelling lore, and her unique look and personality. We also have in-depth background details on Taliyah’s lead champion designer, Daniel Z. Klein, and her voice actor, Erica Lindbeck. Get pumped up and ready to go with everything there is to know about Taliyah before her upcoming release.

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