League of Legends writers wanted for Blog of Legends


Blog of Legends is looking for more League of Legends writers.

Blog of Legends is one of the many great websites under the FanSided network and is looking for more contributors who are passionate about both League of Legends and writing.

FanSided is one of the fastest growing networks in the entire blogosphere, and Blog of Legends is hoping to be its next big thing. The website has been under new management for the last four months which has resulted in a lot of success – but it’s time to take things to another level. League of Legends continues to grow even though it is already the most popular video game in the world, and Blog of Legends is going to grow with it.

What type of writing are we looking for?

General news coverage

Did Meddler mention an upcoming nerf or buff on the boards? Is Meteos returning to Cloud9? These are all things that should be covered. This is a League of Legends website, and ideally, we would like to have absolutely everything about the game (that’s important) covered.

Reaction pieces to the general news

Covering news is essential, but this is FanSided, and that means people want to read your unique perspective on things. If Meddler mentioned an upcoming buff to Zed, write about why you think he will be overpowered in the next patch. If Meteos is returning to Cloud9, tell the world why you think it will make the team better.

Esports coverage

Do you consider yourself an expert on a specific region? If so, we would love to have you write about it. The type of content you could do is limitless. We have only been able to properly cover North America and Europe to this point, but we want to give every region the recognition it deserves. However, don’t shy away if you only want to write about NA or EU, because we would still love to have more content on those regions.

Feature writing

Top 10 supports on patch 6.9. Why Graves is the most versatile champion in the entire game. Five roster moves that need to happen in the NA LCS. These are all examples of feature stories that anyone could write about, and there’s really no restrictions on what you could do.

If there’s anything else you would like to write about that wasn’t mentioned above (skins, lore, fantasy or some other niche), simply mention so in your application and we will see what we can do. We will be able to find a spot on Blog of Legends for anyone who wants to share their passion for the best game in the world.

While this is an unpaid position, there will be many paid opportunities that will come up within the site and entire FanSided network. FanSided takes care of their own and are constantly hiring from within for their open positions. Blog of Legends is in need of a co-editor, and starting off as a staff writer is a great way to get your foot into that door.

If you are ready to apply, simply click here and go to the “Writer’s Application” section to get started.

We would love to have you on our team.