2016 EU LCS Summer Split Week 1 Power Rankings

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It’s felt like forever since we’ve had EU LCS action, but the Summer Split is finally almost here.

As the 2016 Europe League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) Summer Split approaches, it is time to take a look at all the teams and see where the organizations stand.  

That’s right – everyone’s favorite thing in the entire world – power rankings.

There were many major moves over in Europe after an exciting Spring Split, and those changes have some great players returning as well as fresh faces that will be making their debut.  

With so many moves taking place – even amongst the top teams – the standings are likely to look a lot different from how things ended in the spring. 

The Summer Split looks to be an exciting one as it appears that the majority of teams will be able to contend for playoff spots and the top four teams look stronger than ever.

The Spring Split is important, but it’s nothing like the upcoming split. This is the split that matters the most since it is the one right before World’s. Missing out on the Mid-Season Invitational is one thing, but no one wants to be at home in October watching the biggest event in League of Legends. They want to be competing in it.

These power rankings are sure to change from week-to-week, but here’s how things look heading into the split.

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