2016 EU LCS Summer Split Week 1 Power Rankings

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10.) Giants

The team at the bottom of the table from the previous split seems to have gotten even worse.

Giants’ star mid laner Isaac “xPePii” Flores left the team this offseason and they replaced him with Gun-woo “Night” Na – a Challenger player from Korea.  Another roster change for the team was bringing in new jungler Nubar “Maxlore” Safarian.

The new players will have to deliver on a higher level than the players they are replacing if Giants want to have any shot at avoiding relegations again – and that’s going to be a tough task.

Giants will struggle to win games this split and will probably have to look to make more changes. The team isn’t unfamiliar with playing in-season roster musical chairs, and it shouldn’t be surprising to see them do it again as they remain at the bottom of the barrel.

9.) Splyce

Splyce has opted to build on their synergy from the last split and only replace one player after requalifying in the relegation tournament.  

The one new player is Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle – a high Challenger player who will be getting his first taste of the professional action in the EU LCS.

While Splyce only replaced one player, it’s hard to see them get any further than they did in the spring. They have a fantastic mid laner in Chres “Sencux” Laursen, but the rest of the team has not been able to have the same type of impact.

If Splyce is to avoid playing in the relegation tournament for the second straight split, they are going to need better performances from everyone. 

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