2016 NA LCS Summer Split Week 1 Power Rankings

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6.) Team Liquid

It’s extremely hard to rank Team Liquid right now because of the messy situation with their star jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett.

If they are able to fix their issues and continue playing with the top rookie of the Spring Split, they have the potential to be one of the best teams in the region and finish very high in the standings.

However, they are going to take a huge hit if they have to move on with Galen “Moon” Holgate instead of Dardoch. That’s not necessarily a shot towards Moon, but Dardoch is just so damn good.

If the second scenario does end up happening, Liquid still has enough talent around Gwang-jin “Piglet” Chae to make the playoffs – but they probably wouldn’t make it out of the first round.

NA LCS fans should be praying for Dardoch to continue playing with Liquid.

5.) NRG Esports

NRG made the playoffs last year with an underwhelming roster, but they had a monster offseason that has them looking completely different.

Losing a player like Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong wasn’t ideal, but the additions of Diego “Quas” Ruiz, Lucas “Santorin” Larsen, Gyu-min “Ohq” Oh and Alan “Kiwikid” Nguyen have them looking better than ever.

Chang-suk “GBM” Lee is a great carry in the mid lane, and now he has a strong supporting cast around him.

Their floor should be just making the playoffs, but their ceiling could be as high as finishing in the top three of the standings.

If nothing else, this will always be a really fun team to get behind and root for since they have so many likable personalities.

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