Top 5 changes from Patch 6.11

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1. Azir nerfs

Everyone, please pour one out for all the Azir mains out there.

The Emperor of the Sands has been a staple in competitive play for far too long, and that has led to him taking some big hits.

The first nerf is that his W can no longer be used to directly damage turrets. This isn’t that big of a deal, but it is a nerf nonetheless, and they all add up.

The big nerf, however, was to his ultimate – Emperor’s Divide. Its duration has been 5/6/7 seconds, but that has been changed to only three seconds at all ranks. That is such a drastic change. Level one ultimate used to last for five seconds, but now it’s only three seconds at all levels? It’s simply shocking. Azir players will still be able to make the big initiation plays with it, but all other uses of the ultimate have taken a big hit.

Those nerfs would have been bad enough for Azir, but he also took a big indirect nerf with the change to Stinger.

Stinger is Azir’s first real power spike, but the attack speed from it has been decreased from 50 percent to 35 percent. It is 100 gold cheaper now, but that isn’t worth the loss of attack speed.

We should expect to see a lot less Azir in patch 6.11 with all of these nerfs.

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