2016 EU LCS Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

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2. Fnatic (4 points, 1-1-0)

The men in orange looked pretty good with Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim back in their lineup. Not great, not bad – but pretty good. That’s nothing to be worried about after only one week of play, though.

Fnatic was an above average team in the spring, but the buff gained from having their leader back should be enough to bring them back to the top of Europe sooner rather than later.

Many people felt that it would be a perfect transition for YellOwStaR and Fnatic, but that was never going to be the case. The support may have returned to his former team, but there are still a lot of things to get used to for everyone involved.

The team looked good against Giants to start off the split, but you can’t take anything away from that. Giants are going to be at the very bottom of the ladder for the entire split, and it would have been worrying had Fnatic not easily beat them.

The better test for Fnatic was their second series against Vitality. The first game was pretty bad overall, and Vitality got the W after 50 minutes of action. Fnatic then responded amazingly in game two with a clean 25-minute victory of their own.

They have a similar schedule this week as they are against Unicorns of Love and H2K. The first series won’t tell us much, but the series against H2K will be a good test for Fnatic.

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