2016 EU LCS Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

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8. Splyce (2 points, 0-2-0)

This upcoming week of action will show us what we really have with Splyce.

The team actually looked really promising in the opening week, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves over a team that was pretty bad in the previous split.

They were able to finish in draws against both Team Vitality and ROCCAT, and a couple of their players looked very good in the process.

Veteran jungler Jonas “Trashy” Andersen had a strong impact in Week 1 as he finished with a 5.4 kill-death-assist ratio (KDA), 86.0 kill participation percentage and a 50 percent first blood rate. Obviously, those numbers aren’t maintainable, but Splyce will benefit greatly if Trashy can prove to be a top jungler for the entire season.

The other player that stood out was none other than Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup. The ADC showed a lot of promise during the Spring Split and promotion tournament, and he proved that was no fluke as he finished the first four games of the split with a 4.7 KDA, 84.0 kill participation percentage and a massive 31.4 percent of his team’s damage.

Week 2 should show if they are pretenders or contenders (for the playoffs) as they will battle against FC Schalke 04 and G2 Esports. If the team can have similar performances this week, they might actually be able to slide into the last playoff spot. At the very least, this team does have some decent players on it that can make for some entertaining matches.

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