2016 EU LCS Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

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7. Unicorns of Love (3 points, 1-0-1)

The Unicorns were one of the surprise teams in the spring and were good enough to make the playoffs, but they had a disastrous time in between splits due to the departure of their two star players in the mid lane and ADC.

With the removal of their former studs, Unicorns of Love immediately had one of the most underwhelming rosters in the entire EU LCS.

They came out of Week 1 looking pretty good on paper, but it’s hard to judge how meaningful their games were. They lost to newcomers FC Schalke 04 and defeated good ol’ Origen.

FC Schalke 04 actually looked like a good team, but we still need to see more from them to know if that was just a Week 1 fluke or not. The loss doesn’t look that bad if FC Schalke 04 end up in the playoffs at the end of the split.

Similarly, it’s hard to judge how good their win against Origen was. Right now, that team looks absolutely drained of every piece of life they have, and it’s possible that their run of dominance is over and they are simply a bottom team now. If that’s the case, the win against them isn’t very impressive.

We probably won’t take much away from Week 2 either as Unicorns of Love will most likely finish 1-0-1 again with series against Fnatic and Giants.

It still seems that the highest this team can go is the very bottom of the playoffs, but that’s what they did last year with a much better roster. Their goal should simply be to avoid the promotion tournament.

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