2016 EU LCS Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

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4. FC Schalke 04 (4 points, 1-1-0)

Everyone can agree that FC Schalke 04 was the most pleasant surprise from the opening week.

The team was always going to be a fan favorite, but they couldn’t put together a super appealing roster after purchasing Elements’ spot on the EU LCS right before the Summer Split began. Because of that, they kept a lot of players from Elements and were only able to bring in one other player to fill out the roster: Hampus “Myhre” Fox. Luckily, that was one great player to have on their team.

Europe is known for having great mid laners, and Fox sure looked like the best out of the bunch in Week 1. FC Schalke 04 ended both of their series against Unicorns of Love and H2K with a win and a draw, respectively, and that was largely due to their mid lane carry.

In the four games, Fox put on one hell of a show by finishing with a 6.1 KDA, 78.2 kill participation percentage and a massive 37.1 percent of his team’s total damage dealt. Those are the numbers of someone who is carrying his team.

However, his teammates do deserve some credit, as the entire unit worked together really well and made a lot of plays.

Hopefully, this isn’t a fluke, because people would love to get behind FC Schalke 04 making the playoffs. They have a good shot at winning both of their contests this week as they face off against Splyce and Origen.

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