2016 NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

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10. Phoenix1 (0-2)

Phoenix1 easily played better than anyone thought they would.

The team could have gotten destroyed by both Echo Fox and Immortals and no one would have faulted them for it, but they surprisingly put up some good fights. In fact, if they were a better team, they would have walked away from Week 1 with a much better record. They had late leads in both of their series but were unable to close out any of those games.

However, maybe the team walked away with a tiny moral victory of knowing that they can actually compete with the other teams in the NA LCS.

One thing’s for certain, though, Andrew “Slooshi” Pham looks a lot better than Jun-sik “Pirean” Choi – and it’s nice that the team was able to discover that at the start of the season rather than later on. He is already set to be their starter for Week 2, and maybe he can help his other teammates grow a bit.

Every team has their own specific goals, and the biggest one for Phoenix1 has to be simply staying in the NA LCS. There’s no chance of them making the playoffs, and they are going to have to battle for their LCS lives in the promotion tournament once this split is over. Because of that, it shouldn’t be surprising to see them make some roster changes over the course of the summer.

They face off against Cloud9 and Team Envy this weekend.

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