2016 NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

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7. Echo Fox (1-1)

Echo Fox, for whatever reason, grew decently high expectations coming into this split.

They had some solid moments during their first split in the spring, but a lot of people believed this team was a guarantee for the summer playoffs. However, judging from Week 1, it seems like the highest this team could go is just barely making the playoffs.

They started the split off with a series against Phoenix1, and it was a surprisingly difficult time for Echo Fox. They won the series 2-0, but you had to actually watch the series in order to see what those two games meant in the grand scheme of things. Phoenix1 had control of Game 1 for the majority of the contest, and they actually had a 4,000 gold lead once the late-game hit. If they were a better team, they would have found a way to close out Echo Fox. Game 2 was a little better for the men in orange and blue, but they still didn’t start to pull away until the 30-minute mark. It was an overall rough series for them.

The series against Cloud9 was a better test to see where Echo Fox is at, and they looked ok. They were able to suddenly close out Game 1 for a strong win, but then they were fairly flat in the next two games which resulted in a couple of defeats.

This roster does have two great carries on it, but the other three players surrounding them are still kind of a question mark.

If they want to be a top team, they should be able to defeat both NRG Esports and Team Liquid this weekend.

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