2016 NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

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5. Team Envy (2-0)

Team Envy were probably the most pleasant surprise from the opening week since no one expected much from them and then they came out dominating both series against NRG Esports and Team Liquid.

The only knock against them right now is that those two teams simply might have been awful during the first week. It’s something we’ll have to wait and see to truly judge, because how those teams ultimately look will dictate the narrative of those victories.

However, we shouldn’t worry about the possibility of Envy being a fluke. This is essentially an upgraded version of Renegades from the Spring Split, and that was a team that many would have expected to make the playoffs this summer.

Their team as a whole looked very good, but Benjamin “LOD” deMunck was definitely the standout player of them all. After five games, LOD has the highest KDA in the entire NA LCS at 15.7, and that’s while having a 78.3 kill participation percentage and 27.2 percent of his team’s damage.

The good news for Envy is that they have another favorable week that could have them sitting pretty yet again. Their series against Apex will be tough, but it’s still one they can win. Their other series against Phoenix1, however, should definitely be a victory if this team is actually for real.

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