League of Legends jungle guide: 5 tips for new players

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When it comes to being new to League of Legends, the role of jungler can often seem like the most intimidating. If you’re still in the grind to 30 or new to League, here’s five tips from our jungle guide that might make your jungle experience a whole lot easier.

Ah, the Jungler. One of the hardest roles to jump into when you first start playing League, and the role that can often come under fire from teammates if not done correctly (or if your teammates are just bad and want to blame someone for why they are feeding).

Because of all that pressure, the role of jungler can seem extremely intimidating for new players. It’s much more than just killing camps and ganking, and new players can often find themselves dealing with frustration if they don’t pay attention to other aspects of jungling as well.

The jungler can make or break a team, which is why if you’re still new to League of Legends, you should consider these five tips as you start to hone your skills.

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