League of Legends jungle guide: 5 tips for new players

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Avoid Complicated Champions, Stick with Tanks

Sometimes you’ll play against champions like Lee Sin or Shaco in a normal game and notice how annoying they are, how they always seem to be in your jungle killing your camps.

You may even want to play these champions, but you should immediately erase thoughts like that from your brain because there are several problems with junglers like this for new players.

Mainly, invading an enemy jungle and harassing a team at the early stages of the game are what they specialize in and this can be something tricky for a new jungler.

Champions like Lee Sin are extremely hard to master, and as you start to learn the basics of jungling you would be better off avoiding champions with a high mastery level.

Instead, focus on tanky jungle champions. Ones with solid crowd control can be huge in a ranked or normal game, and tank champions are much more forgiving of mistakes.

Getting caught out once or twice won’t necessarily mean your death like it can if you were to play a jungler like Shaco.

Tank jungle champions with good crowd control, like Ammumu or Sejauni, are fantastic for setting a team up to engage. You don’t need to do the damage, you just need to lock down the enemy team or peel for your DPS teammates.

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