League of Legends jungle guide: 5 tips for new players

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While Singed isn't really a jungler, he can sure be pretty toxic.
While Singed isn’t really a jungler, he can sure be pretty toxic. /

Ignore The Toxicity as You Practice

By now, if you haven’t figured it out, the League of Legends community can sometimes be pretty toxic. It seems like a lot of players just don’t have the time or patience for someone trying to learn a new role and/or a new champion.

And sometimes when they get toxic, you just need to ignore them.

As you start to learn about the jungle and find the champions you’d like to use, ignore people telling you that you’re doing it wrong, or complaining that you don’t gank enough or even those who go as far as to try to insult you.

Now don’t get it wrong, if they offer constructive criticism, it’s really up to you if you want to listen or not, but as far as toxicity goes, the best way to handle it is to ignore it and just keep practicing.

The role of a jungler takes time to get used to (like every other role in League) so don’t let the haters get to you and just focus on improving your gameplay.

And of course, if it gets bad just report them after the game. The ban hammer is always the best way to silence the haters.

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