League of Legends jungle guide: 5 tips for new players

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Getting the Elder dragon buff can help you win the game!
Getting the Elder dragon buff can help you win the game! /

Learn How/When to take Objectives

There can seem to be a lot going on for a jungler. Not only do you have to learn how to clear the jungle, (this is easily something that players may overlook, but understanding when your camps will be up helps to make sure you have little downtime) you’ve also got to worry about ganking.

Now throw in things like Rift Scuttler, Rift Herald/Baron, and Dragon and controlling these objectives can be something that seems hard or gets completely overlooked.

These objectives though, are an important part of League. Getting the Scuttler for example, not only grants your team some vision but also places a speed buff on the ground that can help with engaging or escaping.

Controlling more dragons than your opponents or even grabbing Baron can take a game where your team is struggling a bit and turn it to you favor.

But understanding the importance of these buffs is only one important part. It’s also important to understand when to go for these things.

Showing up and going after dragon with the enemy team still in the bottom lane might not be the best idea and could start an unwanted team fight, or it could just lead to your death as your bottom laners stay in their lane while the enemy closes in on you.

But if you’ve managed a successful gank in the bottom lane and either killed the enemy team or sent them back to their base, going for dragon becomes a lot safer.

The same can apply for top lane and the Rift Herald.

Now Baron can be a little more tricky, and your team may need to be on the same page for a successful Baron kill.

Did you just win a team fight in mid? Or maybe you just killed the enemy jungler and two of their teammates? Now might be a good time to go for Baron.

As long as you and your team WARD, know when to back off, and can handle any last-ditch attempts by the opposing team to try and steal it, securing Baron buff can also be relatively easy (when done at the right time).

Call out for objectives and learn when to go after them. Giving your team this kind of advantage could be just what you need to win games.

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