League of Legends support guide: 5 tips for new players

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The role of support in League of Legends is one that often can go unnoticed for just how important it is. This support guide will hopefully help new players understand why mastering support can help lead your team to victory.

Ah, the role of support. The one role that many don’t find exciting, and if you’ve used Dynamic Queue recently, it always seems to be what you get if you select the role of fill.

Sometimes it can feel as though support doesn’t impact a game as much as other roles can (mainly because it lacks kill potential and the ability to push lanes) but when played right, a good support player can completely change the flow of a game.

It’s a selfless role and most players who try support need to adjust to this idea. The items you get, the way you play, it’s all about helping your bottom lane partner and your team win fights.

It’s about helping to control the objectives around the map and giving your teammates enough vision to keep an eye on your opponents.

Support players can often find themselves being the one who starts a team fight, or the person who helps their team get away.

It can seem like the easiest role in League at times because of how you don’t need to focus on kills, but being able to understand the basics of the role can put you way above others as you climb up to start playing ranked or even in your climb out of bronze.

So if you’re still new to League of Legends and interested in playing support, here are five tips to get you started down the right path.

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