League of Legends support guide: 5 tips for new players

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Clearing wards can be just as important as placing them.
Clearing wards can be just as important as placing them. /

Warding is Important And So is Clearing

If you’ve been playing support in League of Legends, by now you know that most people think it’s your job to be the one who wards.

And while this is somewhat true (EVERYONE should be warding, not just supports) it’s much more than just knowing where to place wards in the bottom lane and on the map.

Of course, if you are new, the main objective of warding in the bottom lane is to make it so you and the attack damage carry (ADC) have vision of any enemy players that may come down from the river or the jungle.

But when it comes to the role of support, warding is much more than just vision.

For starters, you’ll find that in lower elo’s, supports will often times underestimate the importance of buying a pink ward.

Not only does this not expire (unless an opponent finds it and destroys it), pink wards can reveal stealthed enemies like Shaco or Rengar.

It also takes time to destroy them, so if an enemy support or ADC were to try and remove your ward, this is time that they will have to spend out of lane.

Just as important as making sure to ward is also picking up the sweeper trinket and using it to deny your enemies vision. This is extremely important and can help you get the advantage in the bottom lane or can help your team take an objective like Baron or Dragon.

Denying vision to the enemy should never be overlooked, and any good support will successfully harass the opposing team throughout the course of a game by doing this.

Buying a sightstone and warding isn’t just enough. You need to utilize pink wards and your sweeper to start becoming the warding master that all support players can be.

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