2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 3 power rankings

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2. Immortals

It hasn’t been pretty, but Immortals still seem better than everyone that’s not named TSM.

While they did suffer their first loss of the season to TSM, it was about as good of a loss as anyone could have.

Immortals trashed TSM is Game 2 of the series and could have easily won the third game had a couple of things went their way in the late-game.

TSM were head and shoulders above everyone else they faced, so going toe-to-toe with them was a big deal for Immortals. It shows that they belong at the top.

The problem with Immortals right now is that they can look really bad at times, and it’s usually because of their own actions.

NRG Esports looked like the worst team in the region after Week 1, and while they were better this weekend, it’s still unacceptable for Immortals to struggle so mightily against them. Dropping a game to NRG Esports was shocking.

They are still playing in their own meta, and too much of their team is decided on Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo — and that’s not the smartest way to play.

Huni is a fantastic player, but he plays so damn recklessly and dumb at times, and that often puts Immortals into a deep hole.

It’s fine for them to play through Huni frequently, but it can’t be every single game. Hell, he played Irelia in every match this weekend and had all the pressure on his shoulders to carry.

Something has to change, and if it doesn’t, the rest of this split won’t be as pretty as it could be for Immortals.

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