2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 3 power rankings

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1. TSM

You know what TSM is right now?


They looked amazing in the opening week, but both Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid were/are really off their usual level of play, so it was nice to see TSM face off against Immortals in Week 2.

To the surprise of everyone, TSM turned Immortals to dust in Game 1. They ended the game just after 25 minutes and never seemed threatened throughout the match.

However, what’s even more surprising is that Immortals responded with a performance just like TSM’s in the opening game. They won at 26 minutes and dominated every aspect of the game.

It was nice to see TSM finally drop a match because we needed to see how this team would respond once they were faced with even a little bit of adversity.

Game 3 was the showdown everyone was looking forward to, and it was TSM who came out victorious thanks to their players coming up huge when it mattered the most. There were a handful of big plays from TSM in the game-winning match, but it was rookie support Vincent “Biofrost” Wang who took the game away from Immortals with an incredible sequence on Bard.

The fact that it was Biofrost who won TSM the game cannot be appreciated enough. Obviously, transitioning to the NA LCS is never easy, but this was the most tense situation he had ever been in and he didn’t crumble to the pressure like many players would have.

The hype around Biofrost is strong, but it’s for good reason. TSM has something special on their team, and it’s exciting to know that he still has a lot of room to grow.

TSM will drop more games this split, but it’s going to be extremely difficult for anyone to take them down in a series. They are the kings of North America right now.

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