2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 3 power rankings

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10. Phoenix1

It’s usually hard to say anything nice about a winless team, but Phoenix1 is better than their record suggests.

They have been competitive in all four series played so far, and they were even able to take a game from Cloud9 this past weekend. That’s something to be proud about for a new team.

What was most impressive about Pheonix1 in Week 2 is how they responded to adversity.

ADC Brandon “Mash” Phan was a late scratch from their lineup heading into the weekend, and mid laner Andrew “Slooshi” Pham stepped in for him and did really well for himself.

That must have been a frustrating thing to go through for Phoenix1, but they handled it well and it didn’t appear to affect their performance at all.

The unfortunate thing for Phoenix1 is that the new playing format kills bad teams.

In a best-of-one format, even bad teams can get lucky a few times over the course of an entire split, but a bad team winning two out of three against a superior opponent is absurdly more difficult.

Unfortunately, for Phoenix1 and their fans, it’s probably going to be a long time before the team is able to get their first series win of the split.

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