2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 3 power rankings

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9. Echo Fox

Echo Fox better be grateful that Phoenix1 is in the league, because Rick Fox’s team sure is disappointing.

It’s hard to point out what exactly is going wrong with the team, but pretty much everyone besides Henrik “Froggen” Hansen has been bad — for the most part.

Echo Fox was a popular pick in the community to make the playoffs, and maybe that noise got to them and created a lot of pressure. They play like a team that is scared and never make anything happen. They sit there and react to what you throw at them. That’s not how you win at League of Legends.

They have really shot themselves in the foot, because the beginning of their schedule is where they were supposed to get at least a couple of wins.

Their next two weeks consists of games against Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals, TSM and Apex. It’s very possible for Echo Fox to go 0-4 during that time.

Imagine what will happen if this team is in the promotion tournament fighting for their NA LCS life, because that’s where their current path will take them.

Hopefully, something drastic can change with this Echo Fox squad because they shouldn’t be one of the worst teams in North America. If this losing trend continues, it sholdn’t be surprising to see some roster moves made during the split.

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