2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 3 power rankings

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7. Counter Logic Gaming

Please, can someone get Counter Logic Gaming to wake up?

They finally got their first win of the season against Team Liquid, but they easily could have lost that series as well.

CLG has had two series so far that were suppose to be monster showdowns (TSM in Week 1, Cloud9 in Week 2), but they got crushed in both of them.

Is this really the same team that has won back-to-back NA LCS titles? It sure doesn’t look like it.

The losses aren’t even the most worrying thing, sadly. What’s truly worrying about CLG is that the entire team seems so dead and deflated when the games are happening. Is it possible that they are just burnt out? Maybe, but that’s always a poor excuse for losing.

They continue to make the excuse of not understanding the meta properly, but you can only say that for so long. It’s not difficult to pick up on what’s going on in the game that you are paid to play. Heck, even most random Gold scrubs only need a few days to understand the meta after a patch.

Similar to Liquid, CLG has a reasonably easy schedule in Week 3 with games against Echo Fox and Envy. The sky isn’t falling quite yet, but it might be time to hit the panic button if they struggle greatly this weekend.

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