2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 3 power rankings

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3. Cloud9

The top tier of the NA LCS consists of three teams, and Cloud9 is the last team in that tier.

They’ve had some bad moments (like dropping a game to Phoenix1), but for the most part, Cloud9 has been very impressive.

Coming into the split, it was clear that they had loads of talent on paper, but actually putting all the pieces together seemed like a daunting task.

The reason it looked to be an uphill battle was because of three things.

First, would William “Meteos” Hartman be able to return to his former glory? So far, that answer is a strong yes. His knack for knowing where to be at the right time hasn’t left him, and he has been the backbone of Cloud9 thus far. Through 11 games, Meteos has the third-highest KDA in the NA LCS at 9.7, and he also has a 70.4 kill participation percentage and a 73 percent first blood rate.

The next question was how would they look without Hai “Hai” Du Lam’s leadership and shotcalling? So far, they have been one of the better teams in that area. Cloud9 always seem to be on the same page, and when they commit to something, everyone truly commits to it (just like they always have when they’ve been good).

Lastly, the support position as a whole was a big question mark. They continue to swap Michael “Bunny FuFuu” Kurylo and Andy “Smoothie” Ta back-and-forth, but the former is the one who seems most right for the job.

Bunny FuFuu has played in six games, and the team has won the majority of them while the support has shined with a 12.3 KDA and 77.9 kill participation percentage.

Cloud9’s series against TSM this weekend will tell us just how good this team is right now.

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