5 biggest changes from patch 6.12

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3. /Remake now live

/Remake was supposed to go live in the previous patch, but things held it up which pushed its launch to 6.12.

That’s fine, because the only thing that matters is that it’s here. It only took seven years for Riot to create a system to help out teams who get an AFK player.

If you don’t know yet, /remake is exactly what it sounds like. If any player is AFK for at least ninety seconds at the three-minute mark, and there haven’t been any kills, all players on the short-handed team will be prompted to do /remake.

In the next minute, players will get to vote whether to end the game or not, and at least two of the four players must say yes in order for that to happen.

If the game does end, it will essentially act as if it never happened. There won’t be any changes to IP, LP, XP or match history. The only person who will be affected is the AFK player. That player will take a full LP loss (or loss of promo game) and will also be flagged by Lever Buster.

It’s amazing to finally have this here, and it should put an end to taking rough losses like playing the game without one of your teammates.

However, don’t get too caught up in the change. While it is nice, it isn’t that big of a deal. How often do you have someone AFK for the entirety of a match? It isn’t that often.

There will still be cases when your Riven suicides a few minutes into the game and rage quits, and /remake won’t be able to solve that, unfortunately.

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